Bon design bad design

When we find ourselves studying about design, often people ask us if some said design is good or not… The short answers would be yes or no. But in general I like to think that there is no such thing as good design or bad design. Of course, we have some set of rules to follow in order to lay out a page, but that doesn’t mean that people who break those rules are creating a bad design, it only means that they are trying something new.

Looking at design pieces that come from eastern countries, we can see how different they are, and that is a good thing, because we can absorb variety of information.

I decided to show some differences in packaging from 2 different countries.


Tropicana Juice Carton –



Takara Juice – Naoto Fukasawa –

We can compare two products, juice cartons. One was designed in the US and the other in Japan. None of them is better than the other one, because they follow rules about positioning, colour and text that we have to have in order to have EFFECTIVE design. And effectiveness doesn’t necessarily means that the piece is good, but that it works. We can have “bad” designs that work really well.

So in general, we don’t have good or bad design. We have effective design.

See ya!



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