English? Oh, boy…

People have all kinds of problems when it comes to talking, thinking, writing or reading another language and being a Brazilian guy in Canada is no different. What was the assignment this week: locate your errors when you are writing and point them out. Where to begin?

Well, since Brazil is not a country that has English as its official language, it is not a surprise that we would have problems with this language. One thing I can point out with my writing is that I have short ideas and just throw them on the paper, creating short sentences, when sometimes we need a complete thought in a big structure. When it comes to understanding people and talking to them, everything is fine, but building the sentences while you are writing is another story. You have certain rules to follow, and a big problem for people for whom English is  not their primary language is that most of the time we think in our native language and try to translate our thoughts into another. Does it work? Not always… But once you understand how the English language works it becomes easier to write.

In general, my problem is structuring the sentences and the rules of punctuation.

See ya!


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