Why design?

The design world always fascinated me. Since I was in high school I have always been drawing, coming up with names for fake products, and having a bunch of ideas about things related to design. Funny story, I never thought about becoming a designer and at some point in my life I wanted to become an archeologist.

I fell in love with branding and logo design at the end of my senior year in high school and when I went to the university and learned how to advertise and generate ideas for some of the companies we have in Brazil, I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. Things that inspire me to continue in this area are illustrations, logos, visual identities, design studios, animation and colours. I think design and the idea behind every design have the power to change and accomplish anything and that is why I fell in love with it.

Within my inspiration when it comes towards good work, these studios are my favourites:

LIPPINCOTT: http://www.lippincott.com/en

CG&H: http://www.cgstudionyc.com/

PENTAGRAM: http://www.pentagram.com/


See ya!


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